“The average age at which an Indian kid gets their first smartphone is 15 years.” Sounds dangerous, isn’t it? While we have many benefits of exposing our kids to technology, there are also risks associated with their posture that one needs to be careful about. As the posture worsens, the upper back muscles get stretched, the muscles in the front of the body gets weaker, and the neck may creep forward. Many have experienced a burning or pulling sensation near the base of the neck which might be the starting symptoms for you to take serious action.

Poor Posture

It is your responsibility to take care of your body. While it’s a style statement to say that ‘I hit the gym,’ there are issues related to this. On one side, they work-out their muscles and make them look stronger through weight training. If not done correctly or in other words, if you de-condition your muscles by not using them properly, it could result in weakening of muscles.

What is deconditioning? It is as simple as sitting at a desk with an improper posture for a long time. Many of us do this unknowingly. Lounging in a chair over a desk may lead to pain and cause irritation and burning sensation of the muscles.

Muscle strain

Overusing the muscles is a common problem for upper back pain. The classic example is repetitive action of weight lifting above the shoulders or heads every day may cause muscle tightness, strain, and pain.


Any traumatic injury may lead to back pain. Many instances, the back pain may not appear just after the incident and may happen after a day or two. Traumatic injuries may even put a person’s life leading to paralysis. It is essential for you to consider a doctor to avoid potential long-term problem and pain.

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