Are you the person who is trying to lose weight through various strenuous diet and tough exercise. But why are you gaining pounds again and again? Learn the intricacies of exercising and get yourself into a fabulous body.

Who like fatty hands, abdomen and thighs? Ah no! But what intention do you carry when it comes to weight loss? Have you ever experienced you losing focus on losing weight? We all know what everybody knows. To eat healthily, to work out in order to lose weight. But it also takes training and hacking your brain towards fat loss.

We are always easily inclined towards consuming high fat and high sugar diet. Kudos to our brain that has evolved from our nomadic ancestors, who had to hunt and eat to stay alive. Food was scarce. They had to store up for days until the next successful hunt. Therefore being attracted to high fat and high sugar diet. But it is not our case now. We usually have planned meal times where we prepare food. We can even buy anytime we want. We don’t have to store the sugars till the next hunt. But our brain is still inclined to a high sugar diet.

Train your brain

There are a few usual cases where we lose in our weight loss journey.

Case 1: You are very enthusiastic about losing weight jumping into your new exercise regimen. But totally forget and become mindless while eating.

Case 2: You try your new exercise regimen and instead of losing weight you are moving to a higher number in your weighing scale? Then you get discouraged to do more exercise

Let’s treat these two cases with care.

Case 1: It is very usual to become very enthusiastic about your new weight loss journey. Let’s say you forgot about weight loss and ate 1 french fry. What are you most likely to do? Stop with one and remind yourself not to have any more or “Oh! That I’ve eaten one eating 10 more won’t make a difference”. Usually the later right? For this mentality. There are a few tips that are following

Tip 1: Set ground rules that “No” is a “No” and give yourself the power to stop even if you’ve eaten one french fry. Encourage yourself saying, “It is okay to forget” and stop right there. This itself is a great start. Say to yourself, “I hate to eat a french fry. I am very strict with my diet. I am fitter right now, right here”.

Tip 2: Make yourself accountable. Get a pal. To discuss your diet and do exercise together. This is going to not only a sense of accountability but you will be competing with each other for better health.

We’ll continue with the next case in the next blog!