We were discussing Case 1 and it’s two tips in the last blog. We are going to discuss Case 2 in an elaborate manner.

To recap Case 2,

Case 2: You try your new exercise regimen and instead of losing weight you are moving to a higher number in your weighing scale? Then you get discouraged to do more exercise.

Your inch tape tells the better truth

Now know the science. Take your inch tape handy. So when you start your weight loss plan. You have to check both your weight and your size together. Because, if you are a person who checks your weight every day for the progress you might get discouraged and you don’t want to be discouraged. Remember your weight is just a number and your body is not as simple as taking away sugar and your weight will reduce. It is a complex machine.

First off, you are introducing exercise after a long time, now you are feeling tired and your muscles are torn. Now as we’ve already mentioned you can’t just cut away some fat and lose weight. There is a process that happens. 

Fat vs. Lean Muscles

There is fat and also lean muscles. We’ll have to learn about these two to know why we seem to gain weight(and lose inches) after a week of exercise. Fat occupies more space than lean muscles. Therefore if you are 70kgs, after a week of exercise you would be 70kgs or a little more as well. But instead of checking your weight in the weighing scale, take your inch tape and measure your sizes. Compare to the sizes that you had taken a week ago. 

That will be surprising. You can see that your size has gone down. This is because you have lost your fat and gained on lean muscles. Lean muscles occupy less space and weigh more than fat. Compare cotton balls(Fat) with Leather(lean muscles). This is a healthy weight loss. 

Your weight loss will reflect in your weighing scale in a few days though. So do not be discouraged to continue your weight loss journey. Continue with pride. Continue with love for your own self. Work toward a more confident you!

Cheers to your lean and healthy body!