Do you feel a sharp flash of pain while eating or drinking something cold or hot? This is because of tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is caused by worn tooth enamel or exposed nerves in our teeth. Let’s see how this happens

Enamel Erosion

The crown of the tooth is protected by a layer called Enamel. While we eat food which contains carbohydrates(sugar and starches) such as bread, cereal, milk, soda or candy, some of the food stays inside our mouth. The bacteria in our mouth turn this food into acids. The bacteria, food debris and saliva combine to form plaque that clings to the teeth. The acid in the plaque dissolves the Tooth enamel exposing the nerves underneath. This causes a sharp flash of pain or tooth sensitivity!

Teeth whitening products

Products that are used for teeth whitening also puts us at a higher risk of Sensitivity. Bleaching gels, teeth whitening products affects the enamel so much that causes sensitivity

Brushing Wrong

We are taught that we have to brush from childhood. But only a part of us know how to brush right! Brushing our teeth with horizontal strokes rather than vertical strokes makes the gums recede, causing nerves to expose, in turn causing Sensitivity. Always brush using vertical strokes. This not only helps in getting rid of plaque effectively but also avoid Sensitivity

Brush right! Brush light!

Be gentle while you are brushing. Brushing very hard also can cause gums to recede or swell or bleed. Brushing hard can bruise the tooth enamel and cause sensitivity.


Try brushing mindfully. Travel from one tooth to another gently brushing off with vertical strokes. This will not only ease your tooth pain but help you become conscious and mindful