Sugary drinks are also termed “soft drinks” or “beverages”. Basically, they refer to any drink with added sweeteners. Some examples include soft drinks like coca-cola, sprite, etc., energy drinks, sports drinks, and even fruit punches (yes, even this as the few antioxidants they contain doesn’t come close to the massive sugar amount present in those drinks)

Why are they harmful to health?

Ok, so basically a teaspoon of sugar contains 4 gms of sugar in it. A typical soft drink served in a can contains 10-12 teaspoons of sugar apart from other chemicals and preservatives. The calories the drink contains consists of 90% sugar.

Consuming them regularly on a daily basis without any calorie restriction will lead to several critical health impairments such as diabetes, obesity, kidney failure, etc.

Minimize these drinks to the maximum extent to lead a healthy life.