We all want to glide in the air swiftly while walking. Envy the ballerina? Uh-Oh! Bloating makes us heavy and creates an unease to carry out our daily tasks. It makes us go lazier and procrastinate. It makes us feel so insecure(Not to mention the burps which shame us). Why did all that happen? How can we change this?

First of all, let’s learn what bloating is. Bloating is the most common gastrointestinal(GI) symptom with frequent complaints from patients of all ages. Many clinicians encounter patients saying, “Too much gas in the abdomen” and “heavy and uncomfortable feeling”. 

How to identify?

Touch your abdomen before eating. It feels flexible and relaxed. If your abdomen becomes tight after eating and feels heavy even if you’ve consumed very less, your abdominal area is bloating. You might want to take notice of the same.

Causes of bloating

Though the possible causes of bloating are various and complicated, intestinal gas production, gut microbes, and hypersensitivity can be causes of bloating. Mostly it is said to be caused by unhealthy food habits such as drinking soda which is filled with gas can be a substantial cause for bloating. But is that all? Take note of foods that can cause bloating.

  • High-fibre foods such as lentils and beans.
  • Fatty foods
  • Deep-fried foods
  • Vegetables such as onion, garlic, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and artichokes
  • Sugary food

Avoid taking of food which causes bloating for a few days, until you address the “why” of your bloating problem.

Eat Slowly

Your lifelong relationship with food always reflects on our health. We need to be patients and filled with gratitude for the energy our food provides. We also have to remember that the process of digestion starts from our mouth and not directly from our stomach. So we must chew our food thoroughly before swallowing it(Purpose of Teeth). When the food combines with our saliva the break down of food happens. Eat your food slowly without swallowing air. 

Sip your drinks

Drink water or juice by sipping slowly. Do not swallow air while drinking anything. It is better not to drink anything while having food. This will slow down your digestion and cause your stomach to bloat.

Eat right

Eating the right food which helps in relieving gas is important. Take less sugary and difficult to digest foods to avoid unnecessary bloating. Drink water in between meals. Do not eat an uncooked and cooked meal together. Chew your food well and maintain a good physical activity.

This should relieve from the discomfort of bloating. Fix a conversation with our Gastroenterologists for more information and the perfect ending of the gassy issues.