Congratulations to the new mommy!

First of all congratulations. You have done something incredible. Wishing you and your bundle of joy the best of health and care. But bearing a baby comes with the gifts of stretch marks, pouch belly and a weak core. But go deal with it mentally to save you from postpartum blues and depression. Accept yourself as you are first.

The core of your body

The core is not only the abdominal area but also includes the back and your hip. Your body has supported a little human for 40 weeks. This is a tiresome time. You can notice your back hurts, your hip hurts and your pelvic muscles are sore. This is incredible what your body has done. Truly!

Mindful mommy

But now is the time to be mindful of your body. To heal and to nourish. To regain your strength and get into the mom-power zone. Now take notice while sneezing, coughing. What did you find? Are your pants getting wet a little bit? This is normal after birth but this is embarrassing. But we don’t want to leave you there saying that this is your new normal. No!

Hold on!

You must be jumping to get back to shape. Looking at the mirror can be distressing. You would be tempted to do some high-intensity exercises to get back in shape. Jump rope, squats and planks? By doing this you can be intensifying the damage to your core. So start low and slow. 

Eat right!

Know that you have to nourish yourselves very well. The calcium needs in a mom are 4 times higher. Your body needs to be completely nourished first before exercise. You don’t want to hurt, tear or break your bones, ligaments and joints. So eat a well-balanced diet, loaded with fruits, vegetables and milk.

Start low and Slow

Start with as low as just a belly breathing. This can also help you get mindful. Let your belly expand with inhaling and contract with exhaling. 

Strengthen your pelvic floor with Kegel exercises. This can help you control your bladder and avoid embarrassment. 

There are low-intensity exercises to strengthen your core. You will find improvements gradually. Start these exercises only after 6 to 8 weeks of giving birth. You will find you have improved from your back pain and you have better bladder control.

This can mark your start of a mid-intensity workout. After four weeks of strengthening the core, you can start with your high intensity work out to get rid of your mommy pouch belly. This is doable and achievable with strength in core and heart. Don’t lose hope at all.