Look down at your floor. Do you see strands of hair circling around your chair and bed’s legs? It is certainly not a pleasant sight to see. Having thick and long hair even after childbirth, I am always questioned how to maintain my hair so beautifully. There are a few quick and easy things to remember and a few things to make as a routine. 

If you really want to change this scene and make your hair stay on your scalp for longer, take me seriously with the following advice.

Nourish from inside

Eat healthy food that contains calcium, zinc and vitamin E. Avoiding a starchy diet can help you get rid of flaky scalp. Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin and hair hydrated. Start your day with antioxidants to get rid of free radicals that accelerate hair fall. Having a clean diet can help fix not just your hair fall but also a lot many things.

Moisturize and massage

Oil your hair regularly to moisturize and nourish your hair from the outside before washing your hair. Make it a practise that you massage your hair while you are oiling your hair. Heat up some oil to lukewarm temperature, and apply the oil thoroughly on your scalp and your hair till the ends of your hair. 

Give your scalp a nice massage to relax you and promote blood circulation. Massage may seem a luxury to some. But it also helps if you can massage your scalp yourself. Apply moderate pressure with your fingertips and massage your scalp in circular motions or imagine orbits around your scalp and go in a zigzag pattern over the orbits. 

If possible, wrap your hair with a hot towel just before washing your hair. Be gentle even while washing your hair. Lather your hair with gentle circular motions(Massage here as well). Wash off the shampoo thoroughly. 

Befriend your routines

Keep regular time intervals to wash your hair according to your hair’s length. Generally 3 days once or twice a week works great. Everytime you wash your hair, wash with a gentle shampoo and after massaging your hair with oil(better to let your oil sit overnight). Hair wash routines come with cleansing routines which will be addressed below

Cleanse, cleanse

Is your dandruff returning again and again? You use all kinds of anti-dandruff products and still this keeps happening. It will. However costly a product you buy to get rid of dandruff and flaky scalp, it is very important to cleanse a few things with every wash. Cleanse your hairbrushes and combs, change your pillowcases, change your sheets. 

You can see a massive difference on how your dandruff and flaky scalp has just vanished and how hair stays silky and clean for longer. Even if it is clean, stick to your regular intervals of washing and massaging your hair. This will make your hair so clean and healthy.

Water (Bonus)

Which water do you use to wash your hair? This also makes a world of difference in the texture and health of your hair. Do not take this light. Washing your hair with soft water is a very very important step to keep your hair from falling. While we wash our hair with hard water, the oil stays creating a sticky layer which also makes your hair tangled and difficult to maintain. Tangles also add to hair breakage.

Air dry (Bonus)

We blow dry our hair for convenience sake. But air drying your hair also reduces the heat exposure. Can save your hair from split ends and hair breakage. 

Is controlling hair fall so simple?  I know there is a world of difference between this and any blog that we can see on hair care usually. But this will work great.  Always consult a dermatologist for any more hair related issues.