Prevention of Coronavirus is easier said than done even for Adults. We must take utmost care neither to be the host nor a carrier of the virus. A high percentage of population are recovering from the parasite which was thought to be fatal. Though these statistics give us great hope, the last thing that we want to see is our children affected. Here are a few things that you can note to keep our babies safe. 

Cleaning Routine

The home should be cleaned well because babies master at the skill of putting their hand to their mouth after touching anything and everything. Separate cleaning routines for the home and the baby can help in a great way. We should also strictly prohibit ourselves and any other person from picking the baby without proper cleaning and disinfection routine.

Entertain home based activities

It goes without saying, that public places can increase the probability of exposure. Parents might have to discover new home based activities according to the childrens’ interests. It is advisable to give only completely cooked and nutritious food. 

Isolate Self

If we suspect that we might have caught the contagion, we must isolate ourselves and get a medical examination done right away.