With the CoronaVirus pandemic spreading like wildfire, we are remaining ignorant of a pandemic that is a little slower but alarming is being Overweight or Obese. 

There are a lot of causes leading to being Overweight or Obese. First, let us get the difference between Overweight or Obese. To understand the difference we need to know what is BMI(Body Mass Index)

How to calculate BMI?

Body mass index(BMI) is a simple ratio of weight for the height that is commonly used to classify a person into different weight categories. Underweight, Healthy Weight, Overweight, and Obese.

It is a person’s weight in Kilogram divided by the square of the person’s height in meters. 

Steps to Calculate BMI:

  1. Convert your weight to Kilograms: Say 60 Kgs
  2. Check your height in centimeters or convert your height in feet and inches to meters and centimeters. 160 cms = 1.6 metres
  3. BMI = 60/(1.6*1.6) = 23.43

Refer to the BMI chart to check your weight status.

Getting to know your BMI can help you improve from the state you are in. Take necessary action not only after you become obese. But even when you are just becoming overweight take action to keep yourself healthy.

It is better to take creative action than corrective action.

>> Eat right: Does not mean that you have to calculate calories every time you eat. Eating right is a mind game. Change your perspective towards food. Rather than a craving. It becomes who you are.

>> Sleep tight: Your body needs enough sleep to rightly heal your fatigue. Sleeping late at night leads to more craving and unwanted added fat.

>> Physical activity: Physical inactivity is the cause of many injuries and pains. Take a break from a sedentary lifestyle and introduce some heartwarming and mood-boosting exercise routine.

Your body is an invaluable asset. Keep it clean and healthy. You are special and very important to the world. Healthy you = Healthy World. Take creative action on yourself and improve your life to a great extent.