We love mobile phones. There’s a lot to love. From beautiful photographic capabilities to compiling complex tasks today’s mobile phones is righteously called “the laptop which could be fit in our palm”. But we are overly immersed into them that we forget they can cause significant health damage to our body.

From deterioration of eyes to deterioration of semen count the health hazards are numerous. We should be cautious about our usage both in how often we use and the intensity with which we use them.

Health risks

  • As it uses RF radiation, it can raise our body temperature.
  • Continuous usage over a prolonged time can even lead to the development of brain tumours. 
  • It can cause migraine and headache.
  • Using mobile phones while driving causes accidents.
  • It can strain our eye and cause eye redness, dry eyes etc.

Mobile phones are a luxury. We should restrict our usage so that we are free from any unintended harmful side effects.