As we are writing this blog, COVID-19 cases have reached 13.3 million cases worldwide. It is a real pandemic that many generations have seen. This is a historic period in our lives. The happy thing in this situation is the recovery rate is also steadily increasing now. It is almost 58% in India and India is in 4th place in the recovery rate.

COVID-19 is not something that was affecting only the elderly, or something that was very far off. It has gotten closer. But does that need to daunt us? Though the fear of COVID-19 has reduced to a considerable level. It is still a thing!

The statistics are sky-rocketing more than ever before. That’s why we need to know the following things. 

What is the recovery time of COVID-19?

The multiplication of the virus inside the body is observed to stop by 10 days after the infection. Anyway, the patients who were affected by the virus show different times of recovery. Since the virus incubation period is 14 days. Some patients take up to 6 weeks to have a considerable recovery. It differs from person to person.  Get tested negative twice in a row with an interval of 24 hours before leaving the quarantine.

Life after COVID-19?

Patients seem to leave the hospitals with scarring, damage, or inflammation in their inner organs. Lack of energy, breathlessness, and loss of appetite have been reported in people who have recovered from COVID-19. The body takes time to recover and get back to its former state.

Some patients need physiotherapy to get rid of their muscle fatigue because of being in bed for a long time. Patients who feel breathless are prescribed to use ventilators. 1 out of 10 patients has difficulty in breathing and swallowing. 

It is very important to encourage patients who have recovered from COVID-19 to involve in positive activities. The stay at the hospital itself can be a traumatic one. Replenish them with water and nutrition with loads of encouragement and love. This can help them get back to their former state easily and effortlessly.