India has a population of approximately 1.3 billion as of the year 2017, of which one-third live in the rural areas. Also, there are parts of India, which have a topology that makes access to them difficult and the travel time-consuming. Also, with a rise in infectious diseases as well as in non-communicable diseases, gives India’s healthcare a double burden that needs to combat. The growing elderly population also places an enormous burden on India’s healthcare systems and services.
Indians live more affluent lives and adopt unhealthy diets that are high in unhealthy components due to which the country is experiencing a rapidly rising trend in non-communicable diseases and lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, cancer, and diabetes. This healthcare crisis is expected to grow at a faster rate than other infectious diseases.
Here’s an infographic below that breaks down India’s healthcare crisis:

The other factors that come as a crisis in India’s healthcare, are the substantial shortages of hospital beds and trained medical staff such as doctors and nurses.
Due to this public accessibility to such hospitals, even in the most remote areas, is reduced. There is also a considerable rural-urban imbalance in which accessibility is significantly lower in rural compared to urban areas.
Private healthcare providers include everything from private hospitals to private doctors that promote medical tourism by offering world-class services to patients, who can afford its services.
Today, India is experiencing a growing reliance on private healthcare providers who currently treat 78% of out-patients and 60% of in-patients.
Furthermore, the strength of the private sector is illustrated by the fact that it regulates 80% of the doctor’s, 26% of the hospital’s medical staff, 49% of beds, and 78% of ambulatory services.
The heavy increase in private healthcare providers can be viewed as a result of lacking quality care that is provided offered by public providers and shortages of doctors.
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