Human beings are social animals. We love to socialize and engage with our fellow human beings. When something is pressing us hard, we want to tell it to someone, Don’t we? And we feel a lot better suddenly. 

Now with COVID-19 spreading like wildfire, hugs and handshakes are prohibited. Masks and gloves have become our daily uniform. Not being able to see other’s faces and their smile itself is a very annoying thing. 

Nevertheless, we have to continue to live and be sane in the midst of all this chaos. The world itself might not change. But a small perception change can bring in more joy in your life. Let us learn how.

We need some work on ourselves more than anything. Let this be our mantra! Accept, Adapt, and Grow. This is one of the moments in history where the human race is growing through pain. Mass movements are taking place. Mass changes are implemented.

Provoke your thought: Have you ever thought that you will have to wear a mask when you go outside, 3 years ago?

But this is the reality now. 

Accept: Accept the hard-hitting truths as it is. Only once we accept we can grow from there. It is easy to be in the same place by complaining(It is one reflex to let out your stress). But when we accept, we don’t keep looking at the door that is shut. We turn away from it and start finding other doors. Because we know that it is not going to open now.

Adapt: Change is the only constant. We are a race that has withstood the evolution and made great progress. When we change our mindset from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, we start learning and practicing to adapt to the new environment

Grow: What did we change for? When we start practicing growth, we look forward to more positive change. You could be an epicenter of positive change among your community. This can be something that can impact the world positively as a collective effort.

If you find it hard to handle uncertainties and fears, contact our psychologists right away! No situation is not-work-withable. Get up and do what you gotta do! There is light at the end of the tunnel!