Prevention is better than cure! We came across different causes for upper back pain, and it is difficult to prevent all the problem. Few may be due to hereditary or disc relocation or injury. But, it is possible to avoid a lot of them.

  • Your job might force you to sit on computers or laptops for long hours. The solution is to take regular breaks so that the muscles stay loose and healthy.
  • Before any new sport or dance or physical activity, make the body ready. Take a few minutes to stretch the muscles, in other words, do a warm-up.
  • Make your muscle happy! Go for regular massages or Spa to reduce the stress of the muscles.
  • Be conscious of your posture – while sitting, sleeping and waking.
  • Sleeping posture and mattress are equally important. If you have back pain, choose a hard surface to sleep.
  • Avoid continuous biking trips.
  • Avoid wearing heavy backpacks.
  • Don’t ignore any symptoms and consult a doctor.

Back pain may appear like a simple problem, but it is not. Back pain is a lifestyle problem. Regular exercises, yoga, and stretching should ease out the pain and keep your back healthy.

In the case of chronic back pain or back pain postnatal, it is necessary to consult a doctor for a diagnosis. Studies have proved that back pain may also be a symptom for lung cancer. Ignoring back pain is not going to be a good idea! If you are uncertain on where to begin, you are just a few taps away from consulting our expert doctors. Just select the specialization and click on ‘Consult Now.’ Our expert doctor will clear your doubts and suggest remedies.