This is especially for the parents who are working from home who are now expected to do homeschooling. You might be having children who come to you for everything and anything. Being together at home might stress you out and steal your productivity and focus. This could also be the time where your child can learn to lean on their abilities when their actions and learning is put together in place.

What’s new?

You might be asking, “What do you mean? What’s new? Everything is new!”. Yes! The work environment is different, the school environment is different, your home is different altogether. Coping up with all these together and maintaining schedules for each thing might be making you go crazy. Homeschooling and having kids around while working from home. But this can be a whole new world of possibilities. This can be the best time to install productive habits and routines.

Setting hard-rules

Have you ever thought about, what is so different about doing work at home? Why do we face challenges to focus when we work from home? Or when it comes to children, why does it become so difficult for them to study at home? Yes! It is the routines and practices. We have not practised working at home or study at home. Not usually or not at all. This is an excellent time to set routines and practices which can be wired. The things that we don’t usually ask our children for help such as laundry, cutting veggies and cleaning the surface can be made their routine. 

Though this can lift a great burden off your shoulders, this can become an excellent way your children can learn how to be self-reliant and self-sufficient. Let us give you some tips on how to get this done

Tips for thriving together:

  • Get ready and dress-up as if you are going out for your work
  • Get your children dressed-up as if they are going to school
  • This will give a mind-shift and mood-shift to us and motivate to do something productive
  • Encourage children to learn household chores
  • Create a star chart to encourage them to do better.
  • Do not be demanding. Appreciate and encourage good work.
  • Set up a workplace inside your home
  • Frame a mindset for yourself to be uninterrupted
  • Take regular breaks 
  • Enjoy breaks together with your children

Too Overwhelming? No Sweat!

If you find this too overwhelming for you to handle, take a session with a Psychologist to get this sorted! It is not abnormal if you are losing your cool. You are doing your best to keep everything look great. Don’t be hard on yourself and take one step at a time. You’ll end up becoming wonderful. This might not only help these days we are locked down but also lift us up later.