Many times we wait for the heal to crack and cause fissures to take care of our feet. Our feet get far less attention when compared to our face. We take them for granted. Some of us do not pay attention even if the feet are cracked until it hurts. 

When feet become too dry, heel fissures or cracks appear easily. When we do not maintain cleanliness in feet that also lead to cracks and infection in cracks which hurt more than the cracks itself. Dead skin in our skin attracts microbes. Therefore exfoliating the feet regularly is very important

These are some basic hygiene for feet:

  1. Use soaps that do not dry the skin out
  2. Avoid sudden flash of hot and cold water
  3. Use moisturizer which gives elasticity to the skin.
  4. Exfoliate the skin gently with a pumice stone or a foot scrubber
  5. Cover your heal to avoid drying

Let’s introduce to your basic feet care routine. Start from the night

Moisturize in and out

We need to give moisture from the inside by drinking up on water. Since feet lack moisture too quickly because of walking, we need to use a thicker moisturizer that does not wear off. Moisturize your foot before going to bed and wear cotton socks that are breathable to avoid staining your bed. Get a healing sleep. Visualize your healing feet before going to bed.

Soak up! Clean up!

Massage your foot with coconut oil. Coconut oil has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Soak your foot in lukewarm water. (Add some sweet-smelling candles / aromatic oils for dramatic effect. Enjoy the soothing nature of warm water)

Use a mild soap and exfoliate your feet with pumice stone with a gentle circular motion. Be careful not to rub too much.

You will find brilliant improvements from the second or third time of this routine. Happy healing!