Looking for a way to attain weight loss? Or even a Healthy Weight Loss? Well, it is tempting to think that every kind of weight loss is healthy weight loss. People think that I am becoming healthy by losing weight. They deprive them out of essential nutrition to support their systems. If you think the same way you might have to read this!

Our body is not just a grinding machine! It does not just load, process and discard waste. It does not work that way only. A lot many things play a vital role in a person’s healthy weight loss, such as stress, sleep, exercise and healthy eating. 

Let’s take Tom! Tom is a person who is Overweight. He gets way less sleep than needed by his body. He is always in a stressful situation. He is Overweight. Yes. But, it does not mean that he can jump into an intensive diet and exercise regimen right away. Nope! 

Say 1,2,3 with me!

  1. Eat Healthily
  2. Sleep Restfully
  3. Start Gracefully

Eat Healthily

Yes! First things first. Eating right always tops the list in your weightloss journey. Not eating less. Eating a nutritious and wholesome meal is number one. Because soon you will have to involve your body into a small exercise practice. Starting without nutrition can cause injury and make you give up which will again cause weight gain.

Sleep Restfully

What? Sleeping better helps me lose weight? Oh yes. Remember you binge-watching the TV show with a bag of chips. Not only this. Our body needs rest to restore from all the work throughout the day. If this is not happening you might feel restless and do mindless eating

Start Gracefully

Only start gracefully without rushing into any diet or high intensive work out regimen. Start slow and steady. You don’t want to give up in the middle. You don’t want to injure your bones, ligaments and joints. Start with stretches, then low-intensity workout only. 

Once you have attained the 1, 2 and 3 you can see your unhealthy weight shedding away. You might also notice that the weeks that you slept better the more weight you’ve lost. You will also be becoming more healthy and energetic. It will reflect in your body when your steps become lighter and you becoming more confident. Steady Transformation is on the way!