The time when there is a scare about Coronavirus, it is essential for you to follow a proper diet. Here is our list of food that you shouldn’t be avoiding every day to live a flu-free life

1. Don’t eat cold food

Summer is approaching, and you might have the urge to eat ice creams and cold beverages. It is better to avoid them and stick to hot water.

2. Food rich in pepper

Pepper can keep viruses away. Rasam, a South Indian prepared using tamarind, pepper, and tomato is good to keep yourself away from any such flu attacks.

3. Avoid processed food especially non-vegetarian

They are crispy and crunchy, but this is not the time to take up such food. They don’t help in building your immunity. 

4. Get enough sleep

Poor sleep can affect hormone levels in your body. It could lead to weight gain, a lot of caffeine intake and can also lower your immune system. Get a good night’s sleep. Mute all notifications and keep your phone away from you for a good rest.

This can be made a longer one, but we will stop at this. We will come back to you with the next set of things to follow for an influenza-free day for you.