Did you know the human eye can differentiate approximately 10 million different colours? Every TV show, advertisements and Web series is trying to get the attention of your eyeballs. But does your eye get enough attention in your body?

The Lockdown is doing more injustice to the already exploited eyes. We are glued to our devices creating playlists over playlists and binge-watching all possible videos. Our eyes are sometimes tired and indicate us with headache, discomfort. Would we listen? Oh no! Our priority is to complete the episodes or else the world will come tumbling down, or at least that is what we feel!

Children are glued to the mobile watching videos after videos. Don’t we know that this is bad for our eyesight? Yes, we know! But don’t know how to avoid?


There are some exercises that we can do to relax our eyes. No.1 in the list is always sleeping. Our sleep time should get greater priority than entertainment!

  1. Sleep
  2. Deliberate eye exercises
  3. Reducing Screen-time / adjusting brightness


Sleep is not just resting for the eyes, but a healing process of our whole body. Set ground rules on maintaining a sleep time to get yourself back on track

Deliberate eye exercises

  1. Blink your eyes every half an hour. An eye infection is prone to happen in dry eyes.
  2. Massage around the orbit to relax the muscles around the eyes.
  3. Move eye from corner to corner for 5 times without moving your head. 
  4. Move eye in a circular motion for 5 times without moving your head
  5. Move eye in a square motion for 5 times without moving your head.
  6. Blink your eyes and rest for some time

Reducing Screen-time / Adjusting Screen Brightness

We know that we have to reduce our screen time. Adjust the screen brightness to avoid hurting your eyes. Set ground rules for yourself and follow them diligently. We try to influence and convince others. Try influencing and convincing yourself to follow your manual for once. This will pay off in many areas!