Red patches of skin on your baby’s chin, chest, hands or legs. Seen them before? It might be symptoms of Eczema. It is common in infants and is marked with red patches of skin which becomes irritable to the point where your child might start scratching frequently resulting in more skin irritability.


About 15% of children have eczema but it is more prevalent in infants- typically starts from their 3rd month. It could even start anywhere in their first five years after which it is rare to sprout. Typically it goes away in 80% of children before they become 10 years old.


The symptoms of eczema differ from children to children. It may be a mild rash or an extreme irritation where the skin becomes inflamed. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Dry and irritated skin
  • Red and inflamed skin
  • Areas of swelling
  • Bad and frequent itching
  • Dark patches of skin


There are no specific causes but eczema may develop due to environmental factors and because of a genetic defect where the skin is unable to retain moisture.


  • Moisturize your skin frequently
  • After a bath, dry yourself gently
  • Try to determine the causal factors and avoid them.
  • In case the home remedies don’t work and the condition becomes worsened, consult a doctor.

When it comes to your baby, don’t ignore any small symptoms. Always get them checked out by consulting with a pediatrician.