Hassle-free consultations

Connect with your patients in real time and answer their medical queries from the comfort of your home.

Practice without borders

Patients can access your consultation even from another city. This enables you to reach thousands of patients across the country

Expand your practice

Answer patients’ queries and issue e-prescriptions directly from the Dr.Doxtro app.

Earn extra income

Make better use of your time and increase your earnings by taking up extra consultations during flexible hours

Doctor’s Testimonial

Feel grateful to Doxtro for providing me with the opportunity to connect with the patients from all over India and expanding my practice. It’s a great platform for young doctors to get experience and even earn also.

Dr. Vishal P Gor

It’s really a wonderful experience to be on Doxtro’s Panel of Doctors.The chat interface is good & provides the patient with ready health support 24X7.But,needs few improvements in the audio consultation vertical.Thanks to the team for their tremendous support.Keep up the good work!

Dr. Nikil Agarwal

Doxtro app is one of the finest app i have come across. The way it handles patient efficiently is commendable. its successful in bridging the gap between patient and doctor and i highly recommend Doxtro. Keep growing!

Dr. Juhi Parashar

I have found doxtro to be a very good platform both for the patient as well as the physicians.. it provide a platform where we can increase our reach and can help persons in distress or those who are too shy to go to a hospital…

Dr. Amotoj Garg

Doxtro is the best app for Doctor and Patients too I recommend all patients and doctors to use it.

Dr. Shrideep Arun Parab