We know that having a checklist while going for shopping will help us to stick to our needs and not give in to our desires. It can stop us from burning a hole in our pockets. We are in unprecedented times. We help you stay away from the deadly infection by introducing and adding another checklist in your routine. During this period of lockdown, we might have to go out during unavoidable circumstances. But keep the following in mind every time you go out of home and come in.

While heading out

 You might have to take notice of the following items when you head out of your home.

  • Sanitize the things that you would be touching such as keys, wallet, phone, earphones, bag etc.,
  • Sanitize your hand.
  • Carefully wear your mask without touching the insides to fit you right.
  • Sanitize your hand again after getting out.

While shopping:

  •  Practice caution not to touch your face or mask after touching door handles and other things.
  • Use the back of your hand or less prevalent part of your hand in case you needed to adjust the mask because you would be touching anything with your fingers.
  • Sanitize your hand when you leave the shop

While entering home

  • Remove your footwear way ahead of your home
  • Sanitize everything you are bringing such as wallet, keys, phone etc.,
  • Remove your mask and fold it outside-in, put it in a paper bag and discard it properly
  • Change your clothes and either wash them or put them directly under the sun for not less than 2 hours
  • Wash your exposed skin very well or take a bath

This can avoid a great deal of cross-contamination and help you stay away from any disease, not only COVID-19. The rule of the thumb remains the same:

  • Keep washing your hands
  • Mindfully avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth and ears
  • Maintain a safe distance of 2 meters from each other.