What really eliminates fat from our body is a ‘proper nutritional’ diet. We could follow a nutritional diet and still not lose weight. This is because, as much as nutrition is essential in maintaining a healthy body there is a more decisive attribute to losing weight. It’s Calories!

So how do calories play a major role in weight loss? In any given day, we burn a particular number of calories depending on the physique and the weight of our body. A person in a good physical condition burns more calories than a person in a poor physical condition irrespective of the fact that they weigh the same. When we consume a greater number of calories compared to the number that we burn, we gain weight. When we consume fewer calories than we burn, we lose weight. This is the basic but the most significant principle. Be in calorie excess, gain weight. Be in a calorie deficit, lose weight.

So how to burn calories properly so that we could ensure that we lose weight in a healthy manner? This is where nutrition comes into play. So, what constitutes a good nutritional diet? Lean protein, vegetables and fruits, and healthy fats. Follow a proper nutritional diet while being in a caloric deficit and see the excess fat melt from your body. Combine this with physical activity and you would lose weight in an accelerated manner as it increases your metabolism. Losing weight is not easy. But nobody said it would be. At the end of the day, you would look and feel glorious. Isn’t that what you wanted?