Breathing Difficulty

It is normal for having heavy breathing and troubled breathing after a workout or heavy work. But if you are having to gasp for air at every inhale then, you’ll have to pay attention to your breath. A person having breathing difficulty will have shortness of breath, trouble inhaling or feel as though they do not have enough oxygen in their body. Feeling tired and sleepy most of the time

Common Breathing Difficulties

There could be reasons why a person finds it hard to breathe. 

  • Obesity – A person who is obese or does not exercise regularly may experience periods during which they might have breathing difficulty. Starting an exercise regimen can help build stamina and get over breathing difficulties.
  • Acid Reflux – Acid reflux might also cause shortness of breath. It happens when the stomach acid seeps up and irritates the lining which may cause breathing problems.
  • Cold and Flu – A person with common cold or flu might have breathing difficulties. When a cold or flu occurs the breathing difficulties should clear up once the illness resolves. 

Famous self-test for COVID-19! Don’t try it!

A self-test became quite famous to check whether a person has contracted COVID-19. The patient was asked to inhale and hold the breath for 10 seconds. But we have to know whether it is really effective. This test does not prove to give the expected outcome. Because there might be young people who might be affected by COVID-19 but still be able to hold their breath for 10 seconds without any considerable difficulty. At the same time, a person with an underlying breathing condition or aged who is not affected by COVID-19 might not be able to hold their breath for 10 seconds.

What do we say?

Though breathing difficulty is one of the symptoms of COVID-19 it cannot be considered as a solid testing mechanism to prove the contraction of the virus. Hence it makes sense to contact the helpline numbers to get more information and help on this regard. Consult a doctor online!