We all love eating nuts, right? Whether it’s cashews or almonds or any other nuts, they are an impressive source of polyunsaturated fat. (They come under ‘healthy fats’). They also contain a significant amount of protein and fiber which are both necessary for the healthy functioning of the body. Listed below are some nuts and their nutritional information.


A serving of Almonds which weighs roughly 28gms contains

  • 161 calories
  • 6 gms of protein
  • 3.5 gms of fiber
  • 6 gms of carbs
  • And healthy amounts of magnesium and Vitamin E


A serving of Pistas contains

  • 156 calories
  • 6 gms of protein
  • 8gms of carbs
  • 3 gms of fiber 
  • And a healthy amount of Vitamin-E and Magnesium


A serving of Almonds contains

  • 155 calories
  • 5 gms of protein
  • 9 gms of carbs
  • 1 gm of fiber
  • And a healthy amount of Vitamin-E and Magnesium

A diet incorporated with nuts has numerous health benefits. It helps in lower bad cholesterol thus preventing heart damage. Combined with a caloric-deficit diet, it lowers blood sugar level and aids in weight loss.

Incorporate nuts into your diet to lead a healthy lifestyle