Eggs are an impressive macro-nutrient source that is essential for our body to function in a healthy manner. The egg white is rich in protein containing 90% calories through protein. It is also very less in calories.

It consists of typically 3-4 gms of protein with a total of 17-20 calories depending on its size. Eggs are rich in nutrients as it contains Vitamin D, B12, B6 and minerals like Zinc, copper, etc. The egg yolk contains more calories and fat but they come under “good fats” which are good for health.

Consuming eggs regularly in your diet provides several health benefits which include:

  • Aid in weight loss
  • Reduce cholesterol level
  • Replenishes protein to your body

An egg typically contains 75-80 calories depending on the size. There are various ways to cook an egg all of which could be made in a very tasty way. Include eggs in your nutritional diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.