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Modern India thinks that the consumption of alcohol on a party is the much-needed element for social engagement and bonding. This social acceptance of alcohol makes it one of the most commonly consumed drinks in society. Many high-end restaurants serve alcohol, despite the kids being around.
It all gets started with” let me give a try!” on teenagers (Both girls and boys). Around 12% of individuals, who “try” alcohol, develop a dependency towards it.
What is your problem? Social Drinking – The most common statement heard while creating alcohol awareness. Alcohol is not a personal health issue, it is a social issue which needs attention.

Have you ever wondered why you drink?

Social drinking
Many people think social drinking or moderate alcohol consumption is perceived to reduce stress and anxiety. They deny the fact that they have a problem with alcohol and alcohol makes life more critical. Alcoholism is a progressive disease that makes you believe that you don’t have the disease. Before you drink, if you ask this question, “Why I am I drinking?” to yourself, you will not find a proper answer. Instead, you may end up with reasons.
To fight back the reasons, you should know the impacts of alcohol.

Medical Facts about alcohol impacts on health

  • Most of the brain injuries were related to alcohol consumption.
  • Multiple organ failures are due to excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Around 52% of people treated in government hospitals were addicted to alcohol.
  • Many people who had attempted suicide or fallen into depression were exposed to alcohol.
  • Even moderate (Social) drinking can cause cancer
  • Alcohol intake will lead to health issues, accidents, depression, anger, and memory loss.

 Home remedies to control Alcohol addiction

If you are a moderate or social drinker, you could try the below simple home remedies to reduce your alcohol craving.
home remedies

Bitter Gourd

Drink some raw bitter gourd juice with lemon everyday morning to get rid of alcohol addiction. The bitter gourd will repair the damage caused by alcohol on the liver.


Apple is an age-old remedy for alcohol. This will not only remove the toxins from the body but also reduce the urge to consume alcohol.


Grapes are the most effective cure for alcohol addiction. Since grapes contain the purest form of alcohol-making agent, they serve as a perfect replacement for alcohol. Grapes help to maintain the alkaline body balance and effective functioning of kidneys.

How to get rid of alcohol completely?

Stopping alcohol is not as easy as it may sound.  If you are an addict, the change will not happen overnight. It requires a lot of patience. Try to reduce the frequency and limit your alcohol consumption. Get yourselves engaged in various activities.
An abrupt end-card to drinking may cause a range of withdrawal symptoms for any individual. These symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, headaches, irritation, diarrhea, and cramps. Few withdrawal symptoms may require emergency medical assistance and first aid. Never stop alcohol abruptly if you were an addict. All you need is to go through an alcohol detox program.
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Take care of your health and others!