Like it or not, human beings are put on the face of the earth only for a short period of time. It is up to you to utilize this time wisely. You can either explore every possible facet of your life or pour it down the drain without realizing its worth. The choice is yours. If you truly want to lead a life that means something, you better do a few things on this list before it’s too late.
1. Make up with an old friend who stopped talking to you because of a silly misunderstanding.
2. Forgive your parents for all the times they made you feel bad. Do it, because parenting does not come with an instruction manual.
3. Take an unplanned road trip with your friends; planned trips never happen anyway.
4. Go to your favourite band’s concert.
5. Learn to play a musical instrument.
6. Ask your crush out. If you chicken out fearing rejection, then you will never find out if the answer would have been ‘yes’.
7. Go to the beach alone. Nothing can calm you down like the rhythm of the ocean.
8. Learn to be alone. Be comfortable in your own company. You never know what life has in store for you. If you can handle being alone, you can handle almost anything.
9. Buy lunch for someone who needs it badly. It will make both of you feel better.
10. Prune the bad relationships from your life—be it a bad friend, spouse, colleague, or relative. You shouldn’t put up with too much negativity.
11. Try gardening. Seeing life blossom right in front of your eyes is quite a rewarding experience.
12. Smile at children and babies. Teach them that the world is not a hostile place.
13. Learn to dance— be it the waltz, Cha Cha Cha, Bharatanatyam, or the ballet. It doesn’t matter if you have three left feet— just do it for the heck of it!
14. Learn to bake. The best way to anyone’s heart is through chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, and fudge brownies! (Yes, yes, and yes!)
15. Take solitary trips to new places. Traveling alone is the best way to find yourself.
16. Learn a foreign language. Pick a language you have always admired and learn it. The sense of accomplishment once you have mastered it is inexplicable.
17. Sign up for a good cause you strongly believe in. You could teach underprivileged kids, cook food for the needy or volunteer at hospitals and old age homes- it doesn’t matter as long as it makes difference in somebody’s life!
18. Go out with your friends for Karaoke night and sing your heart out.
19. Binge watch your favorite childhood movies.
20. Read your favorite book for the 100th time.
21. Take up a physical challenge and complete it like a boss—be it running a marathon or running 100 meters.
22. Take on a DIY project. Making something from scratch without anyone’s help can boost your creativity as well as confidence.
23. Take acting lessons. Everyone has an actor hidden inside them. Discover your talent and share it with the world.
24. Battle with a phobia and conquer it. If you are scared of heights, then try climbing a glass staircase or trekking uphill. If you are scared of water, learn to swim. If you are scared of blood, watch Game of Thrones!
25. Have a picnic dinner under the starry sky.
26. Gift a puppy to a loved one. Or even better, get one for yourself.
27. Make your parents dinner.
28. Explore your country. Everyone may not be able to afford a world tour. But exploring every nook and cranny of your country is something anyone can try.
29. Quit that dead-end desk job and try your hand at your all-time dream job. What if you make it after all?
30. Try to like something you have always hated— it could be a dish, a book or even a person. Doing so will help broaden your perspectives.
31. Take a risk and do something you have never done before.
32. Kick a bad habit or two. The more, the better.
33. Learn to meditate, or even better, practice yoga.
34. Learn to let go. Some things are just not meant to be. Know when to let go of something or someone you love very much.
35. Write a letter to yourself in the future. You can open it 5-10 years later and laugh at how stupid you sounded back then.
36. Pamper yourself occasionally.
37. Get a tattoo to symbolize a milestone in your life.
38. Record every memorable moment.
39. Get heartbroken. As bad as it sounds, nothing can make you stronger.
40. Forgive yourself for all the bad decisions you have taken and will continue to take in life.
Never forget; it’s the little things in life that always count. So, don’t miss out on any of them!